Travel Journal #10 : Restaurants in Paris 16ème


I don’t usually do this, because i am merely a person who enjoys food (probably more than i should), but i thought it could come in handy one day to have a record of all the places i loved eating at while i was living there (and that’s the reason why they are all from one specific area of Paris). So here you have it.

Não costumo fazer isto porque a comida é apenas um vício para mim, mas achei que poderia vir a dar jeito listar algures os sítios em costumava comer quando lá vivia (é também a razão pela qual os restaurantes se encontram quase todos na mesma área). Aqui vai.

Brasseries/French Food

Nice option for both lunch and dinner/drinks.


Café Kléber (Trocadero)DSC03002

Café du Trocadero (Trocadero)DSC03001 Le Malakoff (Trocadero)

Carette (Trocadero)
– They serve the same things as Laduree (deserts, coffee, tea, etc.) but in my opinion their macarrons are better than Laduree’s. I am completely obsessed with their vanilla flavoured macarron.DSC02978 Le Coq (Trocadero) – Especially nice for drinks.


Crêperie GustaveDSC03008Le Pain d’Epi – You can find this kind of sandwich shop just about anywhere in Paris. Their bread is good, and naturally so are the sandwiches.

Japanese FoodDSC03006

Matsuri (Av. Victor Hugo or Passy) – This place is a hip sushi place where you sit around a moving belt and chose directly the sushi you want to eat.

Yushi (Rue Longchamp)DSC02974

Nina Sushi (Rue Longchamp) – This is my favourite place EVER. Although it doesn’t look as fancy as the other places, their sushi is the best.

American Food

DSC03004Schwartz’s – The design of this place is very cool, and the portions are huge!
DSC02968Coffee Parisien

Italian Food

DSC02967Pronto – The fast version of the restaurant Ozio which serves really good italian food in a nice environment.

Nooï – Good for when you don’t have a lot of time.


DSC02971Bagel Shop (Rue Longchamp)


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